Doreen Developments



Introducing Mr. Md. Shakawat Hossain, the newest addition to the Doreen Developments Ltd. (DDL) team. With his appointment as Director of Construction Operations effective August 7, 2023, DDL gains a seasoned professional whose experience spans over 36 years in the field.

Mr. Shakawat brings a wealth of knowledge to his role, having honed his skills across various facets of construction operations. His expertise extends to proficiently organizing and overseeing the design and development of civil construction projects. He has demonstrated mastery in crucial areas including budgeting, monitoring, reporting, inventory management, quality inspection, and cost control.

Prior to becoming a part of our team, Mr. Shakawat made significant contributions to esteemed organizations within the industry. Notably, he shared his expertise with companies such as Shanta Holdings Ltd, DBL Group, SANMAR Properties Ltd, NAVANA Real Estate Ltd, ASSET Developments & Holdings Ltd, Anwar Landmark Ltd, Advanced Development Technologies Ltd, Liu Yu Tshung SDN. Bhd, Consociates International Ltd, and Luis Berger & Sarm Associates Ltd, leaving an indelible mark on each one.

Mr. Shakawat’s reputation precedes him, making him a valuable asset to DDL. His comprehensive understanding of construction operations, coupled with his extensive background, positions him to drive excellence and innovation within our projects. As Director of Construction Operations, he is poised to guide DDL towards new heights of success, showcasing his dedication to advancing the field and ensuring superior outcomes.

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